2012 – 2020

Raw Photography in One Shot, No Editing

Deconstructivism emerged from the motivation to build my own visual discourse. Based on the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century, I created a contemporary photographic technique.

I wondered about the limits of an image. If Picasso had understood photography as a cubist artistic tool, what could have he created?

Based on several premises, I sought to create a pure and intuitive technique; a technique that would take me places that only in that way I could get to. 

The method consisted in creating fragmented-like images in one shot, without post-production. This singularity frees me from aesthetic prejudices and makes each image unique and unrepeatable.

Deconstructivism, beyond photography, is an experience and an opportunity to encounter the beauty of error, to reinterpret time, to question reality, to unlearn… The evolution of this technique is still alive and it will be implemented in future projects.

LITTLE-BIG MISTAKE Taking a shot in Polaroid format. FP-100


First Deconstructivism in one Shot. Guitar. 12″ (2012)

s. Light effects. S/T. 33″ ( 2015)

s. Light effects. S/T.  33″ ( 2015)

s. Nature. S/T. 34″ (2016) 

s. Instanx Analog Film. S/T. 46″ (2017) 

s. Strangers in a Bar. S/T. 10″ (2018) 

s. Graffity. nº4.  24″ (2019) 

s. Graffity: Casa Batlló. 10″ – 10″ – 20″  (2019) 


Portraits and collective performance